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Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Do you need to update your fire extinguishers after lockdown? Are your extinguishers old and out of date? Well, we can advise and we can also provide Fire Extinguisher Servicing tailored to your needs and budget.


We install fire extinguishers and help you decide the best position for them to be placed. We also offer the best rates in the UK for small businesses that only need two or three Fire Extinguishers. Fire Extinguishers are not expensive and we will visit you every year to maintain your extinguishers

Fire safety is at the heart of every business and making sure you are covered is a must. We will make sure you are conforming to industry standard practices.

At F.E.S we offer the full package for businesses that need to conform with fire safety standards throughout the UK. To get new extinguishers or just ask about the requirements visit our website here,

All F.E.S staff are BAFE trained and have passed the BAFE exams. BAFE are an independent registration body for third party certificated fire safety service providers across the UK. A link to their website can be found here

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