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Eberspacher Testing

Eberspacher and Webasto Mobile Heater Testing

Eberspacher Heater Testing
Eberspacher D5WSC

We can carry out mobile testing on Eberspacher and Webasto heaters. We can visit your Narrowboat or you can visit us whichever suits. EDiTH diagnostics software is used to run through your Eberspachers built in CPU to find the component that has failed.

EDiTH diagnostics will quickly run through a series of tests that will show you which component has failed. We can then help you decide what course of action you can take. It may be that you just need to clean the component for carbon build up or it may need a new part, we can help you with either.

Have you tested your heater this year? Is your Eberspacher heater working at its best? Will your heater stop working over winter? A good time to service the Eberspacher heater is over summer when its warm not when its too late.

If you need us to visit you and test your Eberspacher water heater or air heater please use the form below to contact us…

We would normally visit you in the following areas Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire Derbyshire and East Midlands or West Midlands.

Tel: +44 (0)7857 610295



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Eberspacher Manuals

Heater manuals can be found on their website here.

Eberspacher contact details are here.